Setting up your brand logo and imagery is the first stage in personalising your Brandbassador profile.

Your logo will need to be a white, transparent background .png file. We love colour, but for your logo to be seen clearly against your brand imagery (we'll get to that later), it will need to be white. Your logo will be everywhere your brand is; on signup pages, on the app listing, and on your brand's very own app page.

Your brand imagery will be shown in these three places as well, with two different options for your brand signup pages on mobile and desktop. The imagery you choose should reflect your brand perfectly, and fit nicely with the brand logo on top. 

Keep things fresh by changing your brand imagery every now and then; this could be recommend doing this with the change of seasons, brand focus, and even surrounding events! 

Brand Signup Page
When ambassadors sign up using your Brandbassador invitation link, they will be directed to your brand signup page. You can choose two images to display here, one for the mobile signup page and another for the desktop. 

Brand Page Image & Brand App Cover Image
When your own ambassadors are on the app, or when Brandbassadors are scrolling through their brands, they will see your brand app cover and page images. Make these stand out from the crowd!

Your brand app cover image is shown on the Brands page of the app, and your brand page image is on your own brand's page.

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