Welcome to the Brandbassador family!

We’re super excited to be a part of your journey in building your ambassador community.

Each ambassador community is unique, therefore, Brandbassador is designed to be customisable so you can set up your community with your own brand vibe.

The first thing you should do is complete your settings and the text and screenshots below will guide you through the process.

Part 1 of 3: BRAND DETAILS (6 minutes)

Brand logo / imagery
First we have your brand logo which is shown throughout the Brandbassador app. We’ve already uploaded this for you, however should you need to change this (for example if you have a higher resolution version) please note it must be in a white png format.

We then have your brand imagery, which again we have pre-filled for you using images from your social media accounts just to get you started. Brandbassador is a gamified and visual experience for your ambassadors and so your images are an important part of communicating your community vibe. So, make sure these images reflect your brand DNA as your ambassadors will see these images everywhere. 

For an explanation on exactly where these images and logo will appear check out this article.

Your Brand Details

This section allows you to customise the text and information shown to your ambassadors around the app.

  • Website - your web-shop URL
  • Brand Hashtag - your most commonly used brand hashtag.
  • About your brand - Your brand description appearing on your Brand Page
  • Email - for us to contact you on. Ambassadors cannot see this.
  • Phone number - for us to reach you. Ambassadors cannot see this.
  • Category - Used to match ambassadors with your brand
  • Video YouTube URL - video to show to your ambassadors on your Brand Page.

Welcome text

Whenever you send out your invitation link that we looked at a little while ago, this is the text that your potential ambassadors who land on this page will see. This is your text selling to people why they should go ahead with applying to become your ambassador, so use this space well!

Link your social networks

Linking your social accounts here will open up more opportunities through the types of missions you will be able to create and is also a time saving tool as it will create shortcuts to creating simpler missions.

To actually link your socials, let’s take Instagram for example, all you have to do is log into your brands Instagram account on a separate tab within the same window (but make sure it’s not your personal account because I’m sure you don’t want that linked to your account!) and once that’s done, return to your Brandbassador admin and click on the Instagram icon. You’ll then be shown a pop-up that will ask you to authorise the connection, and once you approve it, that’s it!

For more information on linking social networks check out this article.

Part 2 of 3: INTEGRATIONS, TEAM & AMBASSADORS (5 minutes)

Integration allows your ambassadors to create their own personalised discount codes and tracking links, and allows you to track the sales generated and automatically pay commission to the right ambassador.

In order to integrate you will need to have access to your eCommerce platform so you can add our tracking scripts.

Please choose your eCommerce platform below to view the relevant help article.

2.1: TEAM (Settings > Team)

With Brandbassador you can have an unlimited amount of admin accounts at no extra cost. This means any member of your team who will need access to your account can have their own personal log in details.

To do this, all you have to do is click on the ‘Add more’ button and complete the admin details.

One thing to take note of here is the admin’s role. You can either select ‘Super Admin’ which means that admin will have access to your settings and all the tabs in your settings, whereas an ‘Admin’ will have access to everything in the platform except your settings page. Finally 'Set-up' will ONLY have access to the settings page. For example, if you hired an intern to help with just replying to your messages, you may want to make them an ‘Admin’ so they cannot have access to changing any of your settings or finances. Or if you want to get your tech team to complete integration, you can give them 'Set-up' role.

More information about adding administrators in this article.

2.2: AMBASSADORS (Settings > Activate Community)

Own ambassador invitation links
This is where you can create specific invitation links for your ambassador activation activities. Brandbassador empowers you to make your customers and fans into dedicated ambassadors.

You will use any links you create here to begin on-boarding your own ambassadors (own ambassadors meaning the people who already exist within your ecosystem, so everyone from your socials fans, to your customers, and any previous collaborations and so on).

Later on in your on-boarding we will look at setting up these segmented invitation links, however, for now please create an invitation link for your own team and sign up as an ambassador yourself to have first hand experience of what your ambassadors will be experiencing.

To do this:

1. Click the "+ Create a new invitation link" button

2. Click the "Add Segment" button

3. Create a segment called #BRAND NAME# Team e.g. 'Onepiece Team' and the click "Create Segment"

4. Open the "Select segment" drop down and search for your segment.

5. Feel free to play around with the settings if you like and click the "Save settings" button.

6. Now copy and load your team invitation link and follow the instructions.

This is great because whenever you create missions or make changes, you can check it out in real time on the app and you’ll get a first hand experience of what your ambassadors will be experiencing.

Ambassador application settings

These are your default Ambassador application settings or your own ambassadors invitation links above. Enabling any of these options will automatically apply them to any new invitation links you create.

So for example, if for ALL invitation links, you do not want to accept private instagram accounts, you should enable this in your default settings so you don't have to do so in each individual invitation link you create.

Automatic Welcome Message
The Welcome Message will be automatically sent to every single ambassador you choose to approve into your ambassador community. They will receive it both as an in-app message as well as via email. This is a key moment for your ambassadors as it is their first communication with your brand, making it a fantastic first impression opportunity and great place to communicate what is special about your brand and your ambassador community! Look for inspiration in this article.

Automatic Rejection Message
This message will be sent to all your ambassadors when you reject them. Here you can write your own, or if kept empty we will send them a very nice one. To read it check out this article.

💡 Tip: some brands offer a consolation discount percentage to ambassadors they reject to help preserve the relationship!

Part 3 of 3: SALES & DISCOUNTS (6 minutes)

Enable Discount Codes on Brand Page
If you have your webshop integrated you can allow your ambassadors to create their own personalised discount codes to share with their friends and followers at any time, and you can track sales generated through these codes. You can control the parameters on these discount codes which we'll explain below!

In order to enable this feature turn on the toggle 'Enable discount codes on brand page' and tick the 'Automatically generate discount codes from webshop'.

If you do not have your webshop integrated you can still use this feature by ticking the box 'Manually upload discount codes from webshop' and upload your own codes. Your ambassadors will not be able to create personalised codes, but instead will use the uploaded codes, which still allows you to track the revenue generated. Read more about uploading codes here.

Now we have a lot of brands on Brandbassador who have different policies and so we cannot create blanket rules because they just wouldn’t work for everyone. So instead we equip you with the tools you need to maintain your own brand policies. So with discount codes it’s super important that you understand and think about your discount code settings. Brandbassador cannot be held accountable or return any commission for sales made through your ambassadors codes.

Discount codes settings
One of the most powerful privileges you can give to your ambassadors is allowing them to share a discount on your products to their friends and followers.

All brands have different strategies, rules and policies around such codes, so we have created them to be easily customisable using the 6 input fields under 'Discount Code Settings'.

  1. Discount code percentage
    Your ambassadors should be proud of being a part of your brand community, and proud to share this discount to their friends and fans. Therefore, it is important that this discount is the highest offer available. If an ambassador gives a personalised discount code to a friend, but the friend finds a better offer on your site, you have lost one ambassador. We have also found that ambassadors are generally incentivised by giving away higher discounts than a higher commission. Note that you can change this at any time, and it is easy to run campaigns like 'extra high discount this weekend only' to boost sales.
  2. Days discount code should be valid for
    You might want control of active discount codes out there, and a great way to gain control is to limit the days you would like a discount code to be active from the moment your ambassador creates the code, before it is automatically invalidated. If you are careful with distributing discount codes a shorter time period will limit the risk of distribution. Remember that ambassadors can create new codes on the app at any time, and the life of a social post is rarely longer than 48 hours, so a normal setting here is 3-7 days.
  3. Number of times each code can be used
    You might want to limit the amount of discounts customers receives or the sales ambassadors can generate. Here you can set the number of times each of the discount codes created can be used. A lower number here works well with a higher percentage discount, i.e. '30% off website.com for the first 10 sales'. Again, Brandbassador cannot be held accountable or return any commission for sales made through your ambassadors codes so this is a great way to limit a high volume of sales from any given code if that is something you would like to prevent from happening.
  4. Codes users can create per week
    If you would like exclusivity and your ambassadors to be considerate before creating and sharing codes you can limit the amount of codes they are allowed to create per week. This creates scarcity, and you will find your ambassadors being more considerate.
  5. Discount Code Prefix
    You then have the option to add a prefix to all codes that are created through Brandbassador so if you want to be able to easily identify all Brandbassador codes in your eCommerce system, you can add a prefix here.

    If you choose to add a prefix, we would highly recommend using two characters or less so that your discount codes won't become super long.

    In addition, if you choose this, it means your ambassadors will not be able to create completely custom codes as they will have to begin with your set prefix.
  6. Discount Details
    This is the best place to inform your ambassadors about how their codes will work. For example, if their codes won’t work on sales items or if their codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other codes. Whatever your guidelines, let your ambassadors know. 

Please note, if for any reason you want sales to stop tracking for a particular code before the expiry date or before the ‘times code can be used in webshop’ is reached, you will need to deactivate the code through your own webshop.

To read more about discount code settings please check out this article.

Gift Cards

When your ambassadors complete your gift card missions, they collect their gift card dollars in their account on the app. They can choose to withdraw this at any time to spend in your webshop.

Here you can control your gift card settings.

    By default this is set to 12 months to give your ambassadors more than enough time to use their gift card, however please feel free to change this.
    Here you can prevent your ambassadors withdrawing their gift cards until the earn a specified amount. We recommend where possible to leave this as $0 so your ambassadors can withdraw any value gift card when making a purchase.
    You can set a gift card prefix to allow you to track all gift cards created by your ambassadors in the Brandbassador platform. We recommend keeping this short, ideally max two characters.
    Please communicate any terms of use of your gift cards to your ambassadors to avoid confusion. For example, if gift cards will not work in conjunction with sale items or other codes.

Gift Card Conversion
The more products your ambassadors have, the better ambassadors they will be. We have therefore developed this feature where you can allow you ambassadors to use the cash they have earned on Brandbassador with any brand to purchase a gift card to spend in your webshop. The cash they use in this conversion is then credited to your Reward Spend Account to spend on cash reward missions.

Ambassadors can choose to convert their cash into gift card rather than withdrawing into their bank account. They can do this for any brands who have enabled this option. You can incentivise them to choose your brand by giving them a bonus on this conversion. The higher your conversion percentage is, the more likely ambassadors will be to choose to convert their cash into a gift card for your brand.

For example, if you set to 100% and an ambassador transfers $10 from their cash account they receive a $20 gift card to spend in your webshop, and your reward spend account is credited with $10 minus Brandbassador commission (10%).

💡 This a win-win feature, so it is automatically enabled and set at 100% by default. However, please feel free to change this if you'd like.

Tracking links
Finally we have your tracking links which work very similarly to your discount codes in that we are able to award commission to the right ambassador when their tracking link is used. The only difference is that the end purchase will not get any discount off, they will purchase the item full price but we will still be able to give the ambassador their due commission for driving the sale.

Note that tracking links will only track sales generated in the same session, i.e. not if a consumer closes the browser, if they return later or if they complete the purchase on another device.

Commissions per level

Brandbassador allows you to incentivise your ambassadors to drive revenue for you by paying commission on the sales they generate. So, what you need to do is set the commission percentages for your ambassadors.

This commission is set as a percentage of the checkout value (including shipping) of any sale generated through either a discount code or a tracking link belonging to one of your ambassadors on Brandbassador.

The sale will instantly track once the purchase is completed, and the commission is given to the ambassador immediately.

The ambassador 'Levels' from Bronze to Diamond are set by Brandbassador and are not customisable. An ambassador needs to generate a certain number of sales and gather enough points in order to go up in levels. By levelling up, they are able to earn a higher rate of commission on any sales they generate.

For more information on 'Levels' and 'Commission per level' check out this article and for more information on Team Members and Sales Team Commission check out this article.

Now you're all set up! The next thing we highly recommend you to do is to consider your ambassador persona and community vibe, which will be extremely helpful for you when building your community:

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