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Before we start anything else there are a number of important settings in Brandbassador, which is unique to each brand and depending on how you want to run your ambassador program.

1 of 5: BRAND DETAILS (Settings > Brand Details)

Brand logo / imagery
We have already uploaded your logo, but you can change this as you wish at any times. Note it needs to be a white PNG with transparent background. 

There are also 4 formats your Brand imagery can be shown as for your ambassadors, and you can upload 4 separate images. You can change these at any time. These images are important as these will convey the feel of your brand to your ambassadors.

For explanation on exactly where these images and logo will appear check out this article.

Your Brandbassador invitation link (landing page)
This is the link to your own landing page.. We will dig deeper into this later on, but for now, register youselves through this link - so you can become your own ambassador! This is very helpful so you can check out and test the missions as you create them later on.

Your Brand Details

This section allows you to customise the text and information shown to your ambassadors around the appp.

  • Website - your web-shop URL
  • Brand Hashtag - your most commonly used brand hashtag.
  • About your brand - Your brand description appearing on your Brand Page
  • Email - for us to contact you on. Ambassadors cannot see this.
  • Phone number - for us to reach you. Ambassadors cannot see this.
  • Category - Used to match ambassadors with your brand
  • Video YouTube URL - video to show to your ambassadors on your Brand Page.

Link your social networks
You need to link your social networks to use all the mission maker functionalities, as we will use the API to check whether your ambassadors has commented on a post, followed your brand etc. Make sure you are logged into the social network you want to link when you click.

For more information on linking social networks check out this article.

2 of 5: INTEGRATIONS (Settings > Integrations)

Brandbassador currently have plugins for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento 1, Magento 2, Wix and Shopware. If you are on another e-commerce platform you can follow our Custom Integration guide to connect to our API.

Please choose your e-commerce platform below to view the relevant help article.

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento 1
  • Magento 2
  • Wix
  • Shopware
  • Custom Integration

3 of 5: TEAM (Settings > Team)

Here is where you add more Administrators. You can add as many Admins as you'd like, and once you add a new they would get an email to set their password. They can then log in and help you manage your ambassador programme.

The only difference between 'Super Administrator' and 'Administrator' is that 'Administrator' will not be able to access Settings.

More information about adding administrators in this article.

(Settings > Ambassadors)

The only settings we will focus on in this section is the 'Commission per level'. We have seen anything from 0% to 50% commission here, so this all depends on your brand and your ambassador programme.

This is commission to the ambassador as a % of net revenue excluding shipping generated through either a discount code or a tracking link belonging to one of your ambassadors on Brandbassador.

The sale will track once the purchase is completed, and the commission is given to the ambassador instantly.

The Levels are set in Brandbassador and is not customiseable. An ambassador need to generate sales and gather points in order to go up in levels. Read mroe about levels here.

For more information on 'Commission per level' check out this article.

Automatic Welcome Message
This message will be sent to all your ambassadors when you approve them, so this is an important one as it is your first touch with new ambassadors and a great place to communicate what is special with your brand and your ambassador community! Look for inspiration in this article

Welcome Text

Automatic Rejection Message
This message will be sent to all your ambassadors when you reject them. Here you can write your own, or if kept empty we will send them a very nice one. To read it check out this article.

5 of 5: SALES & DISCOUNTS (Settings > Sales & Discounts)

Enable Discount Codes on Brand Page
This is an important part as in this section is where you adjust the parameters that has the largest impact on revenue generated from Brandbassador.

If you would want your ambassadors to share a discount to their friends and fans you need to turn on the 'Enable Discount Codes on Brand Page' toggle.

This will then give your ambassadors ability to create a discount code and generate revenue for you.

To see how this works for the ambassador check out this article.

Note: If you have not integrated your e-commerce you might have to upload discount codes, check out this article to see how.

Discount codes settings

  • Discount code percentage
  • Days discount code should be valid for
  • Number of times each code can be used
  • Codes users can create per week
  • Discount Code Prefix
  • Use prefix in custom discount codes
  • Discount Details

Tracking links

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