Sales missions are a great way to help incentivise your Ambassadors to generate sales through their discount codes and tracking links.

As your Ambassadors make sales, they will automatically be tracked through your missions until the goal is reached. 

You can choose the amount of sales that need to be generated as well as the reward. For a few sales the reward could be a free product or a $10-$20 gift card.

For higher number of sales, the sky is the limit with your rewards! Perhaps a $100 gift card or a holiday to Ibiza? Both have been previously given as as a reward 😉

💡Please note, if you have multiple sales missions live at one time, the sales will track through all missions. 

Can I add sales missions to a chain?

Yes! Definitely, this will help gamify the app for your Ambassadors and help them work up the different "levels" you are setting. The sales will track through the mission they Ambassador has reached. Once they have unlocked the mission, their sales will begin tracking through.

For example, create three missions:

MISSION 1: Generate 2 sales
MISSION 2: Generate 3 sales
MISSION 3: Generate 5 sales

By the end of the chain mission the Ambassador will have generated 10 sales for your brand and earned three rewards. 

💡 If the Ambassador has completed mission 1 and is pending review from your brand, sales will not track through for mission 2 until approved.

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