Often your Ambassadors may become un-engaged with collaborations resulting in reduced mission submissions. This may be for many reasons such as:

  • Ambassador does not have the time to complete missions
  • Missions become repetitive 
  • Missions are published infrequently
  • Ambassadors are working with multiple brands offering higher rewards 

We know your Ambassadors are special to you and you approve each one personally to join your community. Therefore, it is important to keep them coming back!

We have a few tips and tricks to help re-engage your Ambassadors back to your missions. 

  1. Publish easy missions with high rewards.
  2. Create a Golden Ticket Mission and promote on social media and through the message centre in the app.
  3. Create different, exciting missions to draw your Ambassadors back in. 
  4. Publish new missions regularly - we suggest at least 3/4 new missions every week.
  5. Maintain regular communication through the message centre with weekly messages to your Ambassadors. 
  6. Create competitions and short-length missions to drive urgency and excite your Ambassadors.
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