Your Monthly Reward Budget is topped up every month for you to create awesome missions and reward your Ambassadors with cash. After three months, this cash will expire so it is important to get spending before then! 

If your Monthly Reward Budget is expiring soon you will need to create missions for your Ambassadors and approve their submissions to avoid losing this. We have some suggestions on how to reward your Ambassadors to use up your remaining cash.

  1. With only a few days left, why not just give it away? Your Ambassadors work hard promoting for your brand. Give them a token of your appreciation by rewarding a few of your Ambassadors with a cash reward.
  2. Re-engage your absent Ambassadors by offering a high cash mission for a simple mission such as an Insta Story or Facebook share. This is will draw your Ambassador back to your brand who might have become less active over the past months. 
  3. Create a Golden Ticket Mission to reward your active Ambassadors.

💡Please note, the submissions need to be approved for the cash to avoid your cash expiring.

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