Welcome to Brandbassador!

We are so thrilled to have you as part of our community. Brandbassador is a social media marketing app which helps you collaborate with Awesome brands through "missions". These are simple mini marketing tasks such as "Like us on Facebook", "Post on Instagram" etc. Completing these missions will earn you rewards which can be either cash, gift cards, points or free products!

Before you start completing missions and earning rewards you need to get set up. Please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your details in the settings page and pick the perfect profile picture. Please note, this will be the first thing brands see about you and will help them make the decision on whether to approve or reject your application. 

2. Link your Social Media Accounts on your profile page. This will give the brands access to check out your accounts and see all the awesome content you create. 

💡No one will ever have access to your log or passwords. They will only be able to view the pages the same as if they searched your accounts manually.

3. Apply to brands - you will only be able to complete missions for brands you are working with. You can apply to brands by click into "Other Brands". 

Some brands will ask for a Text Application. They will ask a question and when applying you will receive a pop up to enter your answer. Brands will make their decision on whether to approve or reject your application based on this answer. Make sure you are showing the Brand how much you love their products and why you would like to collaborate with them!

Check it out on our web browser version or download the Brandbassador app straight to your phone:

Click here for more Ambassador FAQs 

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