You can find your Ambassador dashboard by clicking on the Ambassador symbol in the navigation bar to the left.

The Ambassadors dashboard will give you a breakdown of the demographics of your Ambassadors and information on their activity on the app.

Here is a breakdown of each tile and what they show:

1. Ambassadors  - This will show you the number of Ambassadors in your community. Hover over the tile to see the number of pending, rejected and blocked Ambassadors. As well as how many of your Ambassador community is made up of Own Ambassadors and Brandbassadors. 

2. Reach (Engagement rate %)  - Here you will find the total reach all your Ambassadors as well as the average engagement rate. Hover over to see a breakdown for each social media platform linked to BB.

3. Last Active - This is a live count of the last active Ambassadors on the Brandbassador app. 

4. Age & Gender - The tile will show you a graph of the age and gender of your Ambassadors. Hover over the bar chart to see the exact number in each group.

5. Countries - Here you will find where your Ambassadors are from. Hover over the pie chart segments to see the exact number.

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