It is important to reward your Ambassadors well to keep them coming back for your missions. From over 10 years working in social media marketing, our team are well adversed in the perfect amount to be dishing out 🤑.

Firstly, there are four ways to reward your Ambassadors:

  • Cash
  • Gift card 
  • Points
  • Freebies

Its suggested that you create missions which rewards differently to keep your Ambassadors engaged. 

For Freebies, they can be either delivered before or after the mission is completed.
For Bonus Points, you can give either 100, 200 or 300 points per completed mission. Please note, we strongly advise not all missions to be rewarded with points.

If you reward with Cash or Gift Cards you can reward in four different ways:

  1. Per completed mission - this will be a flat rate for each ambassador.
  2. Per 1000 followers - this will be a cash unit such as $1 for every 1000 followers an Ambassador has.
  3. Per Engagement - this will reward depending on how successful their post/story is. For example, $0.1 per like or $1 per retweet.
  4. Ambassador submits offer - this will give your Ambassadors the opportunity to submit how much they think they should receive and you can approve, reject or come back with a counter offer.

For any mission based on "Per Engagement" you can also turn on the ability for Ambassadors to submit an offer. By turning on the toggle "Ambassadors over max reward can submit offer".

The amount you reward your Ambassadors will be subject to change depending on how difficult the mission is and the effort required from the Ambassadors. We would always following these types of rewards:

Looking forward to seeing all the amazing missions you can create!

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