A great way to communication with your Ambassadors about exciting new missions is to send out a message with a link straight to the mission. This will allow the Ambassador to click into the mission from the message centre.

This is easily done in the message centre by clicking on the mission icon to individual Ambassadors. 

If you would like to send a message link to all of your Ambassadors, you can take the link from the message centre and insert it in a mass message.

💡Please note, you will need to make sure you are sending the message to the same audience as in the mission. Otherwise Ambassadors outside of the mission will receive the link but cannot access the mission.

Please follow these steps to send a mission link in a mass message:

  1. Click into the message centre on Brandbassador.

2. Click into an individual message and click on the missions button in the bottom left corner and choose your mission.

3. Copy the link and then make sure not to send the link in the individual message 😃.

4. Go into your Ambassadors page and filter the page to the same filters and segments as your mission.

5. Click into list view and select all Ambassadors.

6. Click on "Send message" - a pop up window will appear from the side where you can write your message and insert your link.

7. Click send and you are done 🎉 Your Ambassadors will then receive a message with the link which they can click to easily access your mission.

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