It is important to keep Brandbassador fun and interesting for your Ambassadors to ensure that they remain engaged with your missions. There are different ways to gamify the app such as creating a Golden Ticket mission.

By linking this mission at the end of a list of missions, you can hide a secret reward for your Ambassadors. A reward showing that dedication and hard work completing their missions will be rewarded. 

This can also be an incentive for Ambassadors to complete all of your available missions. Add the news about your Golden Ticket mission to social media. Let your followers know that the first three Ambassadors who find the Golden Ticket Reward by completing their missions will receive $50. Not only will this keep your Ambassadors engaged but will also help recruit new followers to join your community. 

💡You can change the reward to anything you would like; free products, cash, gift cards, even a free trip away!

You can find a template of the Golden Ticket mission and create it easily and quickly in your Mission Maker.

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