If your submission to a mission did not submit and you receive an error message - it means that the instructions given were not followed!

Your post could have failed to submit for the following reasons:

  1. You did not share from the account you have linked. In that case, please share again from your linked account - or change your linked account by clicking the corresponding social media icon on your “Profile” page.
  2. You did not include the correct keywords. Some mission require you to post certain keywords for our system to recognise the post. When keywords are required, they will be copied on to your device's clipboard when you start the mission. Check the mission description to find the correct words to include.
  3. You did not submit or share the right content. Please follow the instructions in the mission description and try again. 

Check it out on our web browser version or download the Brandbassador app straight to your phone:

Click here for more Ambassador FAQs 

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