Levelling up on Brandbassador will give you more perks such as higher commission rates, more missions and cash withdrawals straight to your bank account. 

To level up you must earn points and generate sales through your Discount Codes or Tracking Links.

Each level has a different number of sales and points to reach to level up to the next stage. You can check out your progress bar in the profile page. There are four levels:

  • Bronze - This is the level you will start on. The more Sales you make, and points you collect, the faster you'll level up & start earning commission!
  • Silver - To get to Silver you need to have generated 5 sales and have 1000 points.
  • Gold - To get to Gold you need to have generated 20 sales and have 5000 points.
  • Diamond - To get to Diamond you need to have generated 50 sales and 10 000 points.

If you are struggling to generate sales and level up, we also offer a fast-track Gold service. Chat to us in the message centre through the app to see if you qualify. 

Check it out on our web browser version or download the Brandbassador app straight to your phone:

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