Your Cash Account is where your earnings from sales commission and Cash Missions accumulate.

Your Cash Account “balance” is where you can view your total Cash balance. This includes commission from making sales and Cash rewards earned from completing Missions. Click in through your profile page and enter the amount you would like to withdraw. 

💡Please note, it can take up 10 working days for the cash to be converted into your bank account.

Once you are a Gold Level Ambassador you can withdraw your cash directly into your bank account through our third party transaction company Payoneer. If you are struggling to reach Gold Status we do offer a fast-track Gold Level service. Please contact us via the message centre in the app to see if you qualify.

You can also transfer your Cash to a Gift Card for a greater amount at any time. Simply click into your cash account, enter the amount you would like to convert and scroll through to find the brand. Your brands want to reward you for spending your hard earned cash in their store. So there is a higher cash to gift card conversion rate, meaning you will earning more gift card credit!

Check it out on our
web browser version or download the Brandbassador app straight to your phone:

Click here for more Ambassador FAQs 

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