It is important to track how well a mission is doing not just by the awesome User Generated Content you receive but also about the revenue it brings your brand. Upload codes/links directly to the mission to allow Ambassadors to create codes with the mission. Then the revenue from the codes will be tracked for an individual mission. 

💡Please note, it is not possible for Ambassadors to create a custom code. The codes must be created manually in your web shop and uploaded to the mission.

To upload codes/links to one of your missions, please follow these steps:

1. When creating the mission in your Mission Maker, click into the Advanced settings drop down in Actions.

2. Turn on the toggle "Upload discount codes specific to this mission" and/or "Upload specific tracking link"

3. Download the template - enter your codes into the template, set the percentage and date. This needs to be entered exactly like the template.

4. Save as a csv. file and upload the codes back in Brandbassador. You will see a blue success banner in the right hand corner if the codes have been uploaded successfully. 

4. If the codes are only for a selection of your products, enter the link to the landing page on your website of the correct products. If the discount codes are for all products, please leave blank. 

Your Ambassadors will now be create a discount code in your mission and you can track the revenue through these specific missions by clicking into the mission page. There will now be a "Revenue" tile in the Mission page.

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