When approving Ambassadors for a mission, you want to ensure they are submitting for the mission promptly so they can then complete your next mission. To ensure you do not have a large number of approved Ambassadors who are locked into a mission and do not submit. You can now set an expiry date so the Ambassador must complete the mission within this time or their mission request approval will be revoked.

The Ambassador will see a countdown in the mission alerting to when they need to complete the mission by. You can choose whether the Ambassadors should be able to request for the mission again after the time has expired.

To set up an expiry date for a mission, please follow these steps:

1. When creating mission in Mission Maker, turn on "Request to do mission" in "Advanced settings" 

2. Enter the number of days the Ambassador has to complete the mission, if left empty this will be unlimited
3. Decide whether the Ambassador should be able to request again if submission time expires
4. Complete the rest of the mission and publish 🎉

💡Please note, freebie missions already set the deadline as 2 weeks so you will not need to enter the expiry time for these types of missions.

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