'Own Ambassador' links are web links which take Ambassadors to your personal Brandbassador landing page to register on the app. This allows you to invite your fans, followers and customers directly onto Brandbassador. 

The link will be formatted as such: {brandname}.brandbassador.com. 

We highly recommend creating multiple 'Own Ambassador' invite links which will automatically segment your Ambassadors into different groups depending on which link they click on e.g. newsletter segment link

Bt creating these segments it enables you to see which activation channels are the most successful.

To create different own user links, please follow these steps:

1. Click on settings

2. Scroll down to "Your Brandbassador invitation link"

3. Click "Add new segment URL"

4. Select which segment you would like the Ambassador to go into, you can create a new segment in the Ambassador Dashboard specifically for these Ambassadors. 

5. Click on the tick box on the right hand side

6. Your code will then be created and shown in the table - you can delete this by clicking on the bin icon and copy it to clipboard. 

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