It is important to ensure your integration plugin is working correctly so the discount codes and gift cards you give out to Ambassadors are valid to use.

The first sign that you will alert you to any potential issues with your integration is a message in your "Recent Notifications". This is located just below your Main Dashboard. 

Here you will receive notifications that may explain that sales are not being tracked or your integration is failing.

Another way to check your integration is going into Settings > Integration > Test Integration

Here you can check if gift card codes can be created and if discount codes work. All you need to do is enter the gift card amount or discount code into the relevant text boxes and click the blue button.

If gift card codes are being created in your web shop, discount codes are being generated and sales tracked a green tick mark will show and it will say "gift card/discount code successfully created". 

If your integration is failing a red banner will show in the top right corner. If this is shown, please contact Lydia via the intercom chat. She will be able to assist further.

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