In 2019, brands are expected to lose $1.3 billion on paying Ambassadors with fake followings. Well here at Brandbassador, we wanted to ensure the money you spend is going into quality organic social buzz.

Therefore, our development team have created a new integrated algorithm which detects anomalies in your Ambassadors following and engagement rate. This is now displayed in the Ambassador tiles with a percentage and gauge:

How It Works!

Our system will regularly take information on all Ambassadors based on the number of followers and engagement rate on Instagram. Any minor spikes and increases are easily identified and noted. Most Ambassadors will have small fluctuations alongside a steady growth or decline. However, if over night an Ambassador has 3000 more followers - this is most likely due to a paid following.

Keeping regular record on every data point received from Instagram, ensures we can detect any slight variation. As well as seeing to what extent the Ambassadors following is fake. 

This can be easily read in the percentage and gauge on the Ambassadors tile which is shown in Mission Requests, Ambassador Dashboard and New Applications. You should also click on the gauge to see a specific breakdown of the following count and engagement rate

What the percentage means!

After collecting information on our Ambassadors this is calculated into a percentage detailing the severity of the Ambassadors real following. 

💡Please note that it is not possible for Ambassadors to have 100% due to constant small changes in their Instagram following and engagement rate.

With 0% being very high chance of fake following, 100% means a very high chance of real organic following. We have added a coloured gauge here to help effortlessly decipher between the Ambassadors with authentic followings and those who do not.

GREEN - Ambassadors with great following which have a very low chance of having purchased a fake following will show as a green gauge

AMBER - These Ambassadors will most likely have a high number of real followers but have some fake engagement. This does not necessarily mean you should not accept them. However, you might not want to choose them for certain missions. 

RED - This group have a very high chance of owning a fake following. We advise not to work with these types of Ambassadors 

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