It is the age old question whether or not to ask your Ambassadors to use #ad, #gifted or #sponsored. To ensure you are complying with legal guidelines it is important you read up on your country-specific social media marketing regulations.

Brandbassador offers tools which enables brands to guarantee their Ambassadors are compliant with consumers by forcing ad-marking behaviour by setting mandatory keywords on posts. 

 Here is a step by step guide on how to include them in your missions

1. Turn on 'Mandatory keywords' in 'Action type settings' (this will automatically be turned on for Instagram post missions) 

2. Scroll down to 'Mandatory Keywords'

3. Enter which marketing communication identifiers needed for the mission

4. This will then appear in the Mission terms and conditions and the Ambassadors cannot submit unless they include these words

Please note it is also the responsibility of each Ambassador to use marketing communication identifiers sufficiently on their posts (#gifted #spon #sp) according to the guidelines in their given country. 

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