Brandbassador is a great way you can work with as many Ambassadors as you want easily with zero hassle. You could work with the whole world if you wanted! However, not everyone is a great fit for your brand. It is important you select them carefully, to ensure the perfect Ambassadors are promoting your brand.

Not everyone you worked with 2 years will still be a great fit today, therefore it is important you regularly clean up your Ambassadors. This will guarantee you have the best Ambassadors, tailored to you.

There are many reasons you would remove an Ambassador from your pool, here are just a few to help keep track of:

  • Ambassadors are no longer active for over 5 months
  • Received multiple freebie missions and have not posted
  • Quality of content has created
  • Content created no longer fits with your brand

We advise you to clean up your Ambassador pool once every month. This is easily done by using our removal function, here is a video and step by step guide below:

💡This is different to blocking an Ambassador as they will still have the opportunity to retrieve any remaining gift cards for 7 days. 

1. Click into your Ambassadors dashboard 

2. Select any Ambassadors and click on "Remove" - you will need to give a reason for removal which will be presented to Ambassador. You can give the option for the Ambassador to re-apply if you wish. Please note, if the Ambassador is signed up for a freebie mission they will need to be removed from the mission before removal

3. If you would like to remove Ambassadors in bulk, simply use the filters on the right hand side, select all and click "Remove"

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