Install and configure the BB plugin

In order to integrate your webshop with Brandbassador, the first step is to log into your WooCommerce shop and install the plugin provided by the Brandbassador team.

Next, in the Brandbassador admin, go to Brand Settings > Integrations and set a discount percentage. After it's set, add a WooCommerce connection by clicking at the Add webshop button. After you choose your currency, an Authentication Key will appear. You'll have to paste it in your webshop, so copy it now. Testing the connection will fail, because the Brandbassador plugin is not configured yet.

Now, at your webshop, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration and paste the Authentication Key copied from the BB admin and click Save changes. The API Key Back should appear, which means that the integration was successful. Here's a video showing these steps:


Below, there are two lists of actions / filters our plugin uses.


  • plugins_loaded
  • init
  • admin_footer
  • woocommerce_update_options_integration_integration-brandbassador
  • woocommerce_update_options
  • woocommerce_coupon_options_save


  • woocommerce_integrations
  • woocommerce_settings_api_sanitized_fields_integration-brandbassador
  • woocommerce_thankyou_order_received_text

You can find out more about WooCommerce hooks by visiting the following link: 

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