A picture is worth a thousand words but how much is a post on Instagram worth to your brand? 

It can be difficult to objectively calculate the monetary value of a post on social media, so we have done this for you 😃

We used figures from the 2018 Adstage Report which calculated a breakdown of the 'industry standard' cost of a paid ad on social media to calculate the value of a post.

Please note, that the value of an organic social post from authentic creators (friend or associate) are 3 times higher than normal ads (Stakla, 2017). Which means your Social Buzz should be 3x higher thanks to the organic nature of Brandbassador 🤩

Using an integrated algorithm alongside previous data we are able to provide you with the monetary value of your Ambassadors work on Brandbassador. Here is further breakdown on how we calculate 'Social Buzz' across the different social media platforms:


On average Facebook ads are worth $8.40 CPM - cost per thousand impressions (Adstage) and 35% of friends see your Facebook posts (Bernstein). Therefore, providing us with the calculations to predict exactly how many people see your Ambassadors posts and its monetary value for your brand.


An Instagram post will cost on average $7.91 CPM (Adstage), we make a low estimation that Instagram users on average like 1 out of 20 images they view. For stories, a targeted Instagram story ad has a CPM of $24.20 (Hootsuit). 


The average CPM of a post on Twitter will cost $6.46 (Adstage) and we use the same 35% to predict how many followers will see the post. 

In simpler terms, if your Ambassador has a reach of 10,000 and 35% of followers see their Instagram post only once. Then their CPM would equal 3.5 giving a value of:

                                          3.5 x $8.40 = $29.40 

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