Not only are Ambassadors great content creators and advocates for your brand but they are also awesome at generating sales! Simply provide them with the tools they need (discount code and tracking links) and sit back as they make it rain!

When you started with Brandbassador you pre-loaded your Commission Account with a certain amount of money e.g. $1000 (to see how much you topped up please check your contract).

We ask you to do this because your 'always on' community of Ambassadors will generate sales for you in real time (24/7) and it would not be feasible for us a business to cover these charges for the many brands we work with. The amount you pre-load into your Commission Account therefor acts like a float.

This float also ensures your Ambassadors are rewarded straight away for the sales they make which keeps engagement high.

What is the Commission Account.
Your Commission Account is used in two ways:

  1. To pay your ambassadors commission whenever they make a sale for you using their discount code or tracking link.
  2. To pay Brandbassador the commission earned from the sales generated through the platform (to see what % commission you are paying please check your contract).

How do I see my current balance?
The amount you have in your account is shown as the green number in the dashboard.

What commission am I rewarding?
The commission you give the Ambassadors is based on the rates set in your Ambassador settings. To see the total amount of commission given to your Ambassadors, please click into your Main dashboard and hover over the finance tile.

­čĺíPlease note, the Ambassador cash commission shown in the Finance Tile does not include the commission paid to Brandbassador.

How is it topped up?

The Commission Guarantee Account is topped up for two reasons:

  1. Mid-month top up:

If your Ambassadors are generating lots of sales and your float goes below 20% mid-month e.g. if the float balance is $1000 and the account balance falls below $200, the account will automatically be topped up by $800 to get the balance back to $1000.

2. End of month top up:

On the last day of the month your float is also automatically topped up so that it rests at $1000 once more e.g. at the end of April your float was at $801 we would automatically charge your card $199 to bring the float back to rest at $1000 for the 1st of May.

The credit card linked to your account will be automatically charged for both types of top ups. If you wish to manually top up your Commission Account this can be done by simply clicking the "Top-up Commission Account" button.

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