The message centre is a great way for you to be able to communicate directly with your Ambassadors. To help build a strong long lasting relationship 🤝

Its is also a great way to help your Ambassadors navigate the app and find your awesome missions. To help be as precise as possible, you can include links to missions and different areas of the app.

Here is more information on how to include the links in your messages:

1. Click into a message, and click on the bottom left buttons. 

2. The left button will give you the option to link in your missions

3. The middle button will allow you to link areas of the app (the right button is to upload images into your messages

4. Choose which link you would like to include and click "Add Link to Page"
5. Send message to your ambassadors either individually or in a mass message for them to be able to click the link and be redirected to the correct page 😃

Please note that you cannot use the Mission links in mass messages, this is because most missions are segmented to specific ambassadors. So we are not able to show which missions the selected ambassadors are able to see. 

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