Cash rewards come from your Reward Budget Account, and are rewarded as cash to your ambassador's Brandbassador account. 

Cash can be withdrawn by Gold and Diamond ambassadors, or converted into gift cards for Bronze and Silver ambassadors. 

Gift Card

Gift Card rewards can only be spent at your brand's webshop, and can be withdrawn by ambassadors at all levels. 

Bonus Points

Bonus Points are simply a way to gamify the Brandbassador platform for our ambassadors. They don't cost the brand anything, and are reserved for simple missions (such as 'Like on Facebook' or 'Follow on Instagram'). We don't recommend relying on bonus points as rewards, as they offer a low incentive for ambassadors to take part in missions. 

Alongside sales, they can also be used to level up from Bronze to Diamond, but cannot be used for anything else at the moment. 


You can easily product seed on Brandbassador by using freebies as a reward. This can be sent out before or after a mission is completed, to promote user-generated content, or simply as a 'thank you' gift!

You simply fill in the details of your freebie, your budget, and choose whether to allocate freebie discount codes with a .csv file, as a manual message, or ship yourself!

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