Using filters and segments is a great way to utilise you ambassador pool so only those you choose can complete missions and create discount codes. 

To enable discount codes for certain filters/segments, follow these steps: 

  1. Create the filters/segments you would like to use 
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Sales and Discounts
  4. Scroll down to 'Special discount code setting for given segment'
  5. Turn on 'Enable discount code settings for segments'
  6. Choose the segment and/or filter you would like to use from the drop down list
  7. Click 'Save'

Filters are dynamic, meaning that if an ambassador's details change, it will automatically update. For example, if you set a filter to only allow ambassadors who have completed more than 3 missions to be able to create discount codes. Once an ambassador has completed 3 missions, the discount code button on their app page will automatically appear.

Segments are categories which brands can manually sort their ambassadors into. Therefore, only ambassadors who you select will be included in the segment. 

Here is some more information on how filters and segments work:

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