A great way of recruiting your customers is inviting them to the team right when they have completed a purchase - either in the checkout success page and/or in the order confirmation email

Then ambassadors can create awesome content straight away and we have found the more content you get, the more likely your revenue will increase 😉

You can embed a link directly into your checkout success page by using your Own Ambassador Link. You can create different links for different outreaches you do and automatically segment them based on the link they register through.


Excited for your order?
Why not collaborate with us!

Do you:

  • Love [YOUR BRAND] products?
  • Have a passion for social media?
  • Want exclusive access to [YOUR BRAND] news and earn cash, gift cards and free products for representing us?
  • Have over [X] followers?

Then visit [INSERTLINK] to send in your application to become an Ambassador for [YOUR BRAND]!

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