We understand that many brands will not be able to work with certain ambassadors for a plethora of reasons. All brands are able to choose which ambassadors can or can not see their brand by setting a filter.

To set this filter, go to the Ambassadors tab and scroll down to see all Ambassadors. From here click the icons 'List View' and 'Filter' to pull up the list of filters. Choose the parameters to determine who you want to show/hide your brand to for example, Social Network, Reach, Gender, Countries etc. 

Next, scroll down and click 'Apply'. Scroll back up to the top of all ambassadors now listed, select all ambassadors and then click 'Save Filter'. Remember to save your filter as something explanatory of that filter, e.g. with the example above "IG 1K, Female, US only."

Visit the Settings tab and click 'Ambassador', scroll down to the section titled 'Show/Hide brand from Ambassador Segments'. Depending on whether you created a filter for ambassadors you want to show your brand to or a filter for ambassadors you do not want to see your brand, click either 'Selected Segments Only' or 'All Ambassadors Excluding Selected Segments' and select the appropriate filter previously created.

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