The easiest way to test if integration is working for your brand is following these steps:

  1. Access the Brandbassador app through a link like this: http://<brand> and log in. Assuming your brand is not yet visible to the general public in the app, this is the only way to follow the brand. Otherwise, just find your brand in the 'Other Brands' list in the app and follow it.
  2. Approve yourself as an ambassador. This is made through the BB admin panel.
  3. Now, open your app, select your brand under 'My Brands', and generate a discount code. Once the code is generated, it will be available for use on your stores. If you cannot create discount codes, you might have to upload more codes if you are using light integration, otherwise, get in touch with our team.
  4. Make a test order using the discount code you created through the app. When the sale is completed, the store should fire a tracking pixel with information about the sale. When Brandbassador receives the pixel request, it sends the ambassador a notification telling him that a sale has been made using her code.
  5. Copy your unique tracking link from the app in the brand's page.
  6. Access the store through the tracking link and make a test order. Upon completion, another pixel is fired with info about the sale and your reference parameter. Again, the BB app sends a notification to the ambassador.
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