There are two ways you can choose to give the ambassador a code to order their free product for a Freebie Mission: manually or automatically. 

If manually, you will need to copy and paste a code to each ambassador as you approve them for the mission.

If automatically, as soon as you click 'approve', the ambassador will receive a code automatically. Doing so will make approvals quick and easier for you. 

To automate freebie missions, you will first need to turn on the toggle: 'Automatically populate freebie code for admin' first in Mission 'Actions' page > 'Deliver product before Mission Submission'. Download the template provided, save your freebie codes and upload the file. See here for reference:

Note: The freebie codes will need to first be created in your web-shop, be 100% unique individual codes and match the budget number you set for the mission. You can always ask a CSM to test a freebie code for you first!

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