To get the best results from your platform and ambassadors, Brandbassador has a few tips and ideas to help :) 

1. Log in every day! A representative of your brand signs in to every business day. You will receive new applications, requests and mission submissions from ambassadors regularly, so it is important to log on daily to approve these requests and maintain ambassador engagement. The quicker you respond to your ambassadors the more likely they are to keep engaging with your missions. This will also ensure a constant flow of social media content to promote your brand.

2. Actively respond to messages, applications, submissions and requests within 24 hours. The quicker your ambassadors gets a response the more likely they are to keep engaging with your missions. Left in a pending state too long can lead to your ambassadors becoming disengaged and inactive. If it is a mission request that has been left pending for too long, the likelihood the ambassador will complete the mission is significantly reduced.

3. Give out free products! In order to create genuine content to promote your brand your ambassadors need your product to show off. Freebie missions are important, and the more free products you give out, the more devoted your ambassadors will be, the more missions they complete, the more content you get and the more likely they are to generate revenue for you.

4. Create new missions every week! Brandbassador is a gamified approach to word-of-mouth marketing, and it is important to have something new for your ambassadors to engage with regularly to keep interest up to continue generating value for your brand, hence why it is important to create new missions often. Remember to keep your missions fun and interesting for your ambassadors. If you are ever stuck for new mission ideas, check out the template missions on the Mission Maker page in admin.

5. Recruit Ambassadors consistently! You can recruit ambassadors through your Own Ambassador Link (you can find your link and edit all text and imagery in Settings -> Brand Details). All ambassadors registering through this link will be you brand's 'Own Ambassadors' and will always see your missions and brand on top.

Your best ambassadors will be your existing fans, customers and ambassadors. Brandbassador is a very powerful tool to recruit and engage those who are found of your brand, and those who already have your products can instantly start to promote your brand.

Some ideas on how to recruit ambassadors:

  • Create an Instagram story with a swipe-up link to your landing page initiating followers to apply as ambassadors.
  • Send out a dedicated newsletter to your customers with link to your landing page inviting new ambassadors onto the app.
  • Add a footer to your website with link to the landing page 'Become an Ambassador'.
  • Use the checkout confirmation page as a place to recruit ambassadors.
  • Send the link to your landing page as DM on social media to interesting profiles you would like to work with.

6. Ask us! If you are in need of ideas, technical input or troubleshooting ask us in the chat so we can help you with creative ideas and come with input for what we believe is the best move you can do to maximise value of Brandbassador. We have vast experience from hundreds of brands and thousands of missions, so we should have some good suggestions;)

7. Spend your Minimum Monthly Reward Budget. Your minimum budget is to help you create enough missions per month to keep your ambassadors engaged and promoting your brand for you. Utilise this and grant your ambassadors appropriate mission rewards and topping up mission budgets when necessary. Remember, if your minimum monthly reward budget is not spent within the 3 months of the top up, it will expire. So make sure you reward your ambassadors with it instead!

8. Segment your ambassadors! As you get more and more ambassadors segmentation will help you keep track of them and target your mission audience better to given categories of ambassadors. If you start using segments early you will for sure be happy you did so later on when your ambassadors is in the thousands!

Whenever you see an ambassador submitting a request, offer or submission you should always add them to a relevant Segment before the request, offer or submission is responded to. This will help to categorise your ambassadors as your army of ambassadors continues to grow to streamline your activity on the platform and allow you to maintain control of your ambassador base.

Here is a little video showing how to add an ambassador to a segment when they request to do a mission:

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