Brandbassador offers tools which enables automatic creation of discount codes, and monitoring the distribution of codes is the brands responsibility. However the Brandbassador platform offers a lot of features for brands to control the creation of discount codes!

You can set so only a certain segment of ambassadors can create discount codes in Settings -> Sales & Discounts.

  • For example: If you want only ambassadors who have completed at least 1 mission to be able to create codes you can do so! First you go to your Ambassador Dashboard and create a filter for Missions = 1 -> and save it as say 'More than 1 mission completed'. Then go to Settings -> Sales & Discounts and turn on 'Enable discount code settings for segments' and choose the segment you just made 'More than 1 mission completed'. If you now turn off 'Enable discount codes on brand page' on the top only those who have at least 1 approved mission will now be able to create discount codes! (NB! Custom discount codes might turn off, so turn that on again if you want your ambassadors to be able to create their own custom codes)

Here is a recording of how to:

You can also control parameters of a discount code created to suit your brand's needs. Click on the button below to learn more!

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