Brandbassador offers tools which enables automatic creation of discount codes, and monitoring the distribution of codes is the brands responsibility. However the Brandbassador platform offers a lot of features for brands to control the creation of discount codes!

You can control the parameters of the discount codes created like:

  • Discount code percentage (15-20% recommended to get your ambassadors excited about sharing this discount to their friends and fans).
  • Days discount code should be valid for (Recommended 3-7 days, the shorter period the lower risk of the discount code being spread outside of an ambassadors network if that is your concern)
  • Number of times each code can be used (Recommended to set a cap here to secure you depending on the segment set in 1. and how you are approving ambassadors)
  • Codes user can create per week (Recommended to set 2-3 as fewer codes means easier control)
  • Discount code prefix - here you can set a pre-fix like to easier monitor the use of Brandbassador codes in your webshop. Turn on 'Use prefix in custom discount codes' to set this feature live for all codes created.
  • Discount code details - this text appears to the ambassador when creating the code. This is a great place to communicate your brands discount code policy, i.e. 'Discount codes should not be distributed outside of your own network. If a discount code is distributed outside of your own network you will be blocked from [BRAND] on Brandbassador.

You can also set so only a certain segment of ambassadors can create discount codes for your brand - click the button below to learn how!

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