Linking  missions connect a series of your published missions, where the ambassador must complete one before they can see or do the next. 

You must first create the mission that needs to be done before you can do any others. Once this has been created, you can make the next. 

To set up your linking missions, go to the 'Action' tab in the mission maker. Scroll down to 'Action type settings' and, if it's not already, open the 'Advanced settings' accordion. Switch on the 'Set as link mission' button, and select the first mission from the drop-down list. Ambassadors will now only be able to see this mission once they have completed the first. 

You can continue making link missions, as long as the mission you are connecting it to is already published. 

💡The Ambassadors will not be able to see the next linked mission until the have completed the first. If you would like your Ambassadors to see all the missions and unlock them one by one, you can use chain missions instead! 

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