We encourage you to come up with creative and exciting missions for your ambassadors, preferably a minimum of 2 a week. If you can't come up with anything original, we do have sections on the mission maker page to help you out. 

Template Missions

We have created a series of template missions for you, which are basic / normal mission skeletons you will need to populate yourself. These are organised along the top of the page by functionality; from getting started, to making sales, and seasonal themes. 

If you click on a template mission you can see a short description about it, and can go into edit by clicking the green button in the top right corner. 

Social Boost Missions

Your Social Boost Missions are generated from your linked social media accounts. These are missions that can be easily created from your most recent posts, where you can select from a drop-down list exactly what action you want your ambassadors to undertake.

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