If you decide you would like to end your collaboration with an ambassador or would like to block them for a short time, this can be easily done on the platform.

By blocking an Ambassador they will not be able to withdraw any gift cards they have earned with your brand. Blocking an Ambassador should only be used when they have breached the terms and conditions of the app. It should not be used if deciding you no longer wish to work with an Ambassador. For this, please use our Remove function

  1. Go onto your chosen ambassadors profile 
  2. Click "Options"
  3. Select "Block user"
  4. Choose for how long you would like the ambassador to be blocked for.
  5. Enter the reason for blocking this ambassador (This will be shown to the ambassador)
  6. Click "Block user"

If you decide to permanently block an ambassador but in the future change your mind, no worries! This can be reverted 😃😃For more information check out the article below:

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