Doing your own outreach is for the benefit of your brand. It is a method of activating your own customers and fans who are already a part of the your brand community and already love your brand, so are eager to work with you.

The outreach is in no way about advertising Brandbassador. You do not have to include any Brandbassador information or branding in the outreach. It is about activating your current fans and customers to become your own ambassadors. They will become your ‘Own Ambassadors’, meaning you can maintain control of the brands the can work with on Brandbassador. By default, your ‘Own Ambassadors’ will not be exposed to any competitive brands, however you can restrict this even further and only allow them to work with your brand.

Here is an example of the unique landing page for one of our existing brands

The best methods we have found for doing your own outreach are (see examples in order):

  • Instagram Swipe up story
  • Dedicated Newsletter

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