If your brand is running an e-commerce platform that is still not supported by our system, you might opt for a light integration instead of using one of our plugins to create discount codes automatically.

The main difference from the automatic discount code creation is that the brand has to upload lists of valid discount codes periodically to the Brandbassador platform.

This way, whenever an ambassador creates a discount code through the app for him to share with his friends, this code is withdrawn from the available codes you uploaded previously.

The valid discount codes have to be uploaded through this interface. You can find it on Settings > Sales & Discounts. Just download the template, fill the spreadsheet with your codes and upload it to the BB platform.

This is what the discount code template looks like, the headings should not be changed as this can cause difficulties uploading the csv. file to your settings. You may see similarities between the discount code template and the freebie code template however, these are not interchangeable. The freebie code will not include the percentage column and will instead have a shipping codes.

There is no difference in the ambassadors' experience. Light integration is completely seamless to them.

Now all you have to do is implement the sales tracking. Check out this article for instructions how to do this.

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