Note: Cash to Gift card is separate from Gift card rewards you give to ambassadors within missions.

Example: An ambassador completes missions for other brands, and makes $100 in their cash account. They now want to convert it into a gift card for your brand. 

With your 20% Cash to Gift card conversion bonus, they create a $120 gift card. This is the Gift card from cash* value (always the larger no. because it includes the 20% conversion bonus).

When you pay out the ambassador this gift card, it comes from your web-shop (the $20 is NOT deducted from your Reward Budget).

Your brand has now earned $100 thanks to the ambassador converting their cash from other brands’ missions. This is the Cash to Gift card value (always the lower number).   

The platform shows your final earnings after the 15% fee to Brandbassador. This is your Cash to Gift card earnings shown in Finance which returns to your reward budget for use again!

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