Your Cash to Gift Card conversion toggle is found in your Settings, under the Sales and Discounts tab. 

How it works:

Ambassadors can work with multiple brands such as yours on the platform and earn cash with any of them. This cash can be converted into a gift card for any brand of a higher value. Should an ambassador choose to convert their cash into a gift card for your brand, the conversion bonus is based on the percentage you set in your Settings.

The incentive for you as a brand, is that you will get the cash added to your mission reward budget to use and create new missions; additionally the Ambassador will be spending the would-be cash in your store now.

For example: if I earn $100 in cash and a brand has a conversion bonus of 20%, that means I will give you my $100 in cash to budget on future missions and in exchange you will give me a $120 gift card (20%+) which I will eventually re-spend into your web-shop.

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