Segments and filters are a great way to channel your ambassador pool, ensuring the right people are working with your brand and the right Ambassadors are completing your missions. 


Filters are ways to categorise ambassadors by quantifiable criteria, for example Country, engagement rate, number of missions completed etc. 

A filter is dynamic, meaning that if an ambassador's details change, it will automatically update. If you had a filter for ambassadors with over 10k+ instagram followers, once an ambassador reaches 10k they will be included in the filter. This can be helpful when creating missions, to ensure only ambassadors with a high reach can apply.

These filters are used to limit your audience to individual missions, or missions you don't necessarily want to reach certain groups. Missions will only be available to the criteria you set, and prevents you from going through applications from people you don't want to attempt your missions.

Segments are categories which you, as the brand, sort your ambassadors into. These are categories which cannot be determined by data alone, and are created in relation to the type of person the ambassador is or what they're interested in. 

For example, creating a segment for all ambassadors who produce high quality outdoor content. The ambassadors have to be manually entered so you are in complete control over who is in this segment.

You can easily add ambassadors into a segment when in new applications by clicking the + on the top right corner of the tile. Then adding them to whichever segments you like :) 

If they are already ambassadors then follow these steps:
Ambassador tab > Tick ambassador's box > Add to segment > Select a segment or create a new one

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